Merkaela Review Summer 2017

Merkaela is a quarterly subscription box that makes wellness and tranquility easy to experience. Their all-natural health and wellness products, delivered right to your door each quarter, are made on site with ingredients you can pronounce and know. They are made with you in mind and formulated to nourish your body, your mind and your spirit. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Merkaela is one of those subscription boxes that really feels like a special treat. I use to complain about the fact that it was a quarterly box as I felt three months was too long to wait between shipments. But I’m actually starting to love the fact that it is quarterly. Now that I am familiar with their products and have fallen in love with the formulas, I fear that a monthly delivery would cause me to take this box for granted. By the time my box arrives each season I have finished the products from the previous box and had the time to really and thoroughly enjoy them. As you can probably tell I am absolutely, 100%, in LOVE with this box!

Summer Box – Alive

Have you noticed that when you truly feel alive there is this feeling of synchronicity that exist, as if this is what life is meant to be. Your heart harmonizes with the creative force of life and it beats to the rhythm of the universe. Then magic happens… you become present you enjoy the moment. At times these moments seem so far in between, would you agree? So, what can we do to change that? How do we shift our awareness in order to create more blissful existences?

Our life is just like the law of nature, it comes in waves of highs and lows. Merkaela wants to help you create more joyful moments. Lets begin by acknowledging that there are forces outside of us we have no control over. We are only responsible for own actions/reaction and it is time we take responsibility. Whenever you find yourself frustrated, defeated or lost keep in mind that many times this is a direct reaction from past events or worrying about the future.

The key is to be present. Tap into your present awareness and become the observer. When you have a clear focus you align yourself with your life purpose. It allows you shine the best version of yourself in turn your feel happier and fulfilled. As you feel empowered you will find that once you have a positive clear objective the universe will listen. The universe is our mirror, align your feelings and words with what you like to see in your life. Forgive the past and worry not about the future. You are alive NOW.

Tangerine & Sage Shea Body Butter

Description: An ideal blend that inspires a positive mood and uplifted state of mind while helping ease stress and restore tranquility, freeing you to calm your body and enjoy the moments of the day. Helps moisturize, reduce inflammation and soothes the skin.

Benefits: Uplifts your mood and state of mind to help you be present and enjoy the moments of the day.

Merkaela Body Butter is my favorite! I absolutely love this formula, especially for dry skin. This season the scent is a mixture of tangerine, sage and lavender. It has just the right amount of fruitiness which makes it nice for Summer. I use my Merkaela Body Butter once or twice a week as I like to cherish the product and not overuse it. It’s quite thick but melts in your hand. It’s a tad on the greasy side, but moisturizes my skin perfectly.

Calendula Lemon Salt Bath
Description: Packed with antioxidants to help keep your skin looking young, smooth and clear. Great for supplying the body with much needed magnesium and other nutrients, alleviating pain and soothing aching muscles. Additionally, it clears the aura, and supports the lymphatic and immune system by removing toxins and enhancing your physical and emotional energy, allowing you to feel light, refreshed and present.

Benefits: Helps you feel vibrant and clear minded.

Love, love, love! There’s nothing better than a hot bath and lovely smelling bath salts. I make an effort to take a bath once a week and ALWAYS use salts or a scrub from my Merkaela boxes.

Hibiscus Tea Potion

Description: The ultimate wellness blend for the Summer. It is refreshing, hydrating and with high levels of Vitamin C. More importantly, it helps raise conscious awareness to higher levels in order to bring you closer to what it is needed in your life or let go of what no longer serves you.

We receive a little tin of tea in every box and it makes me so darn happy. Tea goes perfectly with the kind of products Merkaela includes each season. It really is the perfect complement. This season we received a mixture of hibiscus, mint, rosehip and vitamin C. I can’t stop smelling it.

Jasmine & Palo Santo Meditation Elixir

Description: This magical elixir is infused with Lunar energy and powerful plant essence to help clear unnecessary thought patterns and to help you find courage to face any challenge. Filling your heart with fearless serenity and connect you to the powerful, loving spirit of the divine feminine. Use during your meditation practice or anytime when in need of grounding.

Benefits: Fills you with fearless serenity to elevate your feminine worthiness Tip: Use to deepen your meditation practice. Can be used as an antibacterial spray.

Sprays are such a great product. I love the idea behind them, especially this one. Use it to clear unnecessary thought patterns. I feel like this is exactly what I need right now. I have some great challenges ahead of me and I definitely need to be in the right frame of mind to tackle them.

Peppermint Soap Bar

Description: its minty aroma helps activate your mind body connection creating a neurological connection to your conscious mind.

Benefits: Gently cleanses the body leaving the skin ultra soft and smooth. We suggest thinking about your perfect day as you lather and rinse. While you inhale the pleasant scents, go over your affirmations and prepare to accomplish your goals.

I was so happy to see this in the Summer box. We received liquid soap in the last box and I was definitely missing the bar soap. I keep a bar in the shower and by the sink. I refuse to use regular soap on my face or body. This one is a mixture of peppermint, spearmint and rosemary.

Sacred Sage Smudge Stick

Description: A natural purifier, Sage eliminates harmful bacteria from the air. Sage can transform the energy of the body and mind and support the feng shui or energy of a home. In addition to clearing the energy of a space, it can heal holes in the aura and keep them balanced.

How to use: With a clear mind and good intentions use a match or lighter to ignite your stick of Sacred Sage. Hold at about a 45 degree angle pointing the tip down toward the flame. Allow it to burn for about 30 secs to 1 minute and then blow out. With you lit Sacred Sage stick walk around your workspace, home, car, bathroom or anywhere you would like to clear the energy.

YES! I have been waiting for this little guy to pop up in one of my boxes. I have received a few smudge sticks this year, but am yet to receive a sage smudge stick. I have been dying to get my hands on one of these. I can’t wait to use it.

Green Aventurine Gemstone

Description: Lemurian are “earth spirit” crystals with a high efficacy in efforts to establish communication with Spirit Guides and Angels. To use one, meditate quietly holding it in your right hand. Slowly move your thumbnail up the etchings one by one expecting the presence of your Spirit Guide when you reach the top rung.

I love, love, love that Merkaela has been including gemstones in their boxes. This one is absolutely gorgeous and I love that I can put it on one of my chains and wear it around my neck. The product card says that this is the “Stone of Opportunity”. It will bring good fortune to all those who wear it.

Merkaela Review Summer 2017 – Final Thoughts

I just don’t know what I would do without my Merkaela box. I have been in love with this subscription since I discovered it last year. If you love all-natural health and wellness products as much as I do, then you NEED this subscription in your life. I’ve probably said that before, but I really can’t stress it enough. I am so impressed with their products; the formulas are perfect and the ingredient lists are spot on. I like that we receive a new scent/theme each season. It has provided me the opportunity to test out some really great essential oil mixtures. In addition to that, I love the number of products we receive and that they include a gemstone and a smudge stick. I honestly can’t say enough about this subscription. The price point is extremely reasonable for what we receive. These kinds of products, ones that are made with such quality ingredients, really are priceless, as is this subscription.

What do you think of Merkaela?



Merkaela believes that feeling good can be good for you. Our all-natural health and wellness products, delivered right to your door each quarter, are made on site with ingredients you […]

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