MissionCute Review July 2017

MissionCute was started up out of a passion to give excellent gifts while at the same time supporting not-for-profit organizations. Each month, MissionCute works with a very special nonprofit to help promote their mission, raise awareness, and donate a portion of their monthly net proceeds from the MissionCute boxes and shop to their organization. They kindly sent us this box for review.

July 2017 – Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation

OI occurs equally among males and females and in all racial groups.  It is estimated that approximately 25,000 to 50,000 people in the U.S. have OI.  OI is a genetic bone disorder characterized by fragile bones that break easily.  It is also know as “brittle bone disease”.  There are many ways you can get involved with OIF.  Learn more about how you can help make a difference by visiting their site and Facebook page! – www.oif.org

MissionCute is quickly becoming one of my favourite subscriptions to unbox!  You really don’t know what’s coming your way, which makes it such a fun and unique surprise each month!  I love that they support a different not for profit each month.  This really makes it feel like you are part of something bigger.  Let’s take a look at what came in the July MissionCute……….

MissionCute: Miracle 5×7 Graphic Print

Ok, I don’t know what it is about the prints that MissionCute provides, but I almost want to cry each time I read them!  They totally hit where I am at and speak to me.  I could go on and on about gratitude and how it can literally change your mindset, outlook and life!  Seriously, this is the greatest little reminder.

Designs by Katie Leigh: Bailey Bangle

I am 100% in love with this!  Small gold bangles are right up my alley and I love having a variety of them to choose from to mix and match.  This one is stunning and I could look at it all day long.

MissionCute: Do Good Washed Hat

I am becoming a lover of baseball hats, but it is hard to find one that looks good on me.  I really like the washout denim of this, but the shape is just no good for my head.

Viv and Lou: High Tide Drink Coozie

Love this cute little coozie!  We have been doing a lot of camping this summer, like every other weekend!!  I’ll take anything that makes my camping experience cuter and coozier!

Kashi: Chewy Nut Butter Bar

I absolutely love when a box throws in a snack!  I actually got pretty hungry mid shoot, so this was devoured immediately.

Peripeti Candles: Travel Candle/Orchard Picnic

This smells so, so good!  I’m not a huge candle person, I know there are those out there who are obsessed with them!  I do however like to have a small candle sitting on the edge of the bath and this is perfect for that!

MissionCute July 2017 – Final Thoughts

I have loved every MissionCute box I’ve received!  I feel like they are just getting better too.  Not knowing what you are getting is a real thrill when going through the box.  Unlike other subscriptions that are specific, such as socks, makeup, food, or books where you know exactly what you’re getting, MissionCute gets to be a surprise every time!  My favourite item out of this box was the bangle for sure!  I would say the hat is the only item I’ve received from MissionCute over all that I wasn’t really excited about.  I like seeing the items of this box evolve with the season.  In saying this I can’t wait to see the type of items they provide come the fall and winter months!





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