MorpheMe Brush Club Review October 2017

MorpheMe Brush Club is a monthly subscription for makeup brushes. Get your hands on quality brushes for an amazing price! Every month you’ll get anywhere from 3-7 new MorpheMe brushes. Never the same brush twice. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

MorpheMe is the world’s first makeup brush club by LiveGlam! You will get $30 of new makeup brushes each month for only $19.99/month plus free shipping in the U.S. Every month you’ll get anywhere from 3-7 new Morphe brushes. Never the same brush twice!

If you don’t want your next of brushes, no worries, we’ve got you covered! You can trade your brushes for some awesome alternatives including other brushes, lippies, palettes and much more. Or, you can skip a month/payment entirely (you’ll hang on to your reward points you’ve been banking you just won’t collect new ones that month). By skipping your membership will automatically continue the next month. The last option would be to cancel. You do lose all your reward points if you cancel so make sure to cash them in before deciding to do so! You also score 100 reward points each month you’re an active member. You can use those points to redeem makeup, brushes and other awesome prizes!

Here’s a closer look at the brushes we received for October…..

PK36 Tapered Blending

Your PK36 Tapered Blending brush is perfect for defining a crease! This natural hair brush has long, tapered bristles but is relatively small in size for a fluffy blending brush. You can apply pigment in exact preciseness while still getting very smooth transitions. Because of it’s size, this brush works beautifully on smaller eyes and can be used to create a smokey under eye! As with any good blending brush, you can also us it to apply highlighter to your face!

PK524 Oval Shadow

Your PK524 Oval Shadow brush is a perfect companion to your blending brush! This natural brush has flat, oval shaped bristles with a soft, tapered tip. You can use this brush to pack on a dense amount of color to your lid, to define your outer crease with some depth, or to create a smudgy lower lash line! This brush is also good to apply glitter, contour your nose, or pack on some highlighter!

PK45 Angle Brow

This natural hair PK45 Angle Brow brush is great for creating sharp lines with powder or cream products. You can use it to fill your brows with pomade or brow powder, to line your eyes with a fierce wing, or to carve out a cut crease! An angle brush is also good for lining your lips with lipstick to get a sharp cupid’s bow or cleaning the outside of your lip line with concealer for crazy precision.

PK14 Tapered Powder

Your PK14 Tapered Powder brush is a versatile face brush to handle whatever you need! You can use this super soft, natural hair brush to apply powder foundation, setting powder, blush, contour and a cherry on top! This brush has long bristles and a rounded, tapered tip that allows you to pack on dense amount of powder or blend out a nice, light coverage.

PK4 Contour Blush

This PK4 Contour Blush brush is a dense, tapered brush that will chisel out a defined contour for you! This natural hair brush is very dense on one end, while flaring out to some fluffiness. You can apply a lot of pigment with this brush, and also blend out a smooth edge. This shape makes it great for getting a very chiseled, but also seamless, contour.

MorpheMe Brush Club Review October 2017 – Final Thoughts

I am so impressed with LiveGlam right now. I kind of wish I got to see the PolishMe collection for October because based on the MorpheMe and KissMe collection I bet it was pretty awesome. They really put together a great set of brushes this month with a really great theme. Between MorpheMe and KissMe they covered the two most important events in October, other than Canadian Thanksgiving. For the month of October they invite us to join them for the movement with our new exclusive Pink MorpheMe Brushes! They tell us to create some Pinktober looks using the classic pink ribbon and our MorpheMe brushes. It makes me very happy to see a subscription box supporting such a great cause. LiveGlam definitely got themselves some brownie points this month.

What do you think of the October MorphMe Brush Club Collection?





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