MunchPak Review March 2017

MunchPak delivers an assortment of the tastiest snacks from around the world. MunchPak starts at only $9.95.  MunchPak was built and designed with the intention of letting people try the most popular snacks, and of course, local favourites from all over the world.  Each week, MunchPak receives a new assortment of interesting and delicious snacks from our suppliers. They send these products out to subscribers packed up in the perfect sized box, delivered whenever you would like. They kindly sent us this box for review. 


  • MunchPak Mini (5-6 Snacks)
  • MunchPak Original (10+ Snacks)
  • MunchPak Family Pak (20+ Snacks)

I really love the customization of MunchPak.  You can choose from a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription.  You can also choose the type of snacks you would like from salty, sour sweet, meat, spicy, crunchy, cookies, foreign snacks, American snacks, candy and seafood and that’s not even all of them!  You can even add a drink option for an additional $5 selecting from coffee, tea, soda or juice.  The more options you select the more your cost will vary.  This really is your subscription box, you design it, they send it.  What more could you want?

This month our MunchPak is made just for us by Anthony!

This is too funny!  I love spicy food and I’m ready for some Louisiana heat!

Right off the bat I had quite a nostalgic feel with this box.  So many of these snacks reminded me of my 80’s childhood.  I don’t think that was the intention, but I’m loving it!

You can never go wrong with some Old English Toffee!  No coffee table is complete without it.  Am I right?

A lot of the snacks in this box I’d never heard of.  I think most of these are from the America snack selection.  You guys got some crazy eats down there!  But we Canadians carry our own with all-dressed chips, ketchup chips and smarties!

These are straight outta my childhood!  They remind me of the snack shop found on pretty well all family friendly camp grounds.  I’m pretty sure these would have gone for .5 cents each back in the day.

Ok, snacks like this and I’m ready for the good ol’ American ball game!

This one might be a little much for me.  I don’t indulge in a lot of overly sugary things.  The MegaLoad might be a MegaNo for me.

Also a classic favourite from the childhood!  I remember eating these and having the whole roll hang out of your mouth like a tongue.  Perfect for eating while bike riding, endless sugar, hands free.

This is right up my alley!  Chocolate and crispy rice!

This one wigged me out a little. lol.  It’s breaded with a chocolate filling.

MunchPak March 2017 – Final Thoughts

I really liked the customization with this pak!  I think for my next MunchPak I will select salty, spicy, crunchy, cookies and chips!  What could go wrong?!  If you’re a serious snacker and like to be in control of what’s in your cupboards then this is the box for you.  Select your options and let MunchPak do the pickin’s for you!  Thanks Anthony for this mix!  Really loved the variety and so many items brought back my childhood!





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