Obviously Chic Box Review Fall 2018

Obviously Chic Box (now Hey Helen Box) is a quarterly subscription full of exclusively designed items by Daisy Mae and a curated selection of fashion, beauty & home. All boxes include FREE Shipping and every box will have a value of over $200.

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Obviously Chic Box (now Hey Helen Box) is a new Canadian lifestyle subscription box. We got to review it for the first time back in August and at that time it was only their second box. We were very pleased with the Summer box, it had a really nice mixture of seasonally appropriate items – kimono, beach bag, hat, water bottle and scrunchie. So far we are loving Obviously Chic Box (now Hey Helen Box) and were very excited to see what the Fall box was all about.

Subscription Details
  1. Sign up for an Obviously Chic Box (now Hey Helen Box) and choose a subscription plan that best works for you.
  2. Your subscription gets you four boxes a year worth over $200 each and delivered to your door with free shipping.
  3. Have the peace of mind that you can easily cancel or modify your subscription at any time.

Here’s a closer look at the items we received in the Fall Obviously Chic Box (now Hey Helen Box)….


How stinkin’ cute are these socks!! Not only do they have the cutest saying on the bottom – “feed me & tell me I’m pretty” – but they also happen to be my favorite style/color combo. How cute will these be with black tights?! We are off to a great start!

Pancakes Please Sweatshirt

Here we have a tunic style sweatshirt. I call it a tunic because it’s quite long and will be perfect with tights/leggings. This is the kind of top I like to have in my closet. It’s comfy and cozy and is the kind of top I like to wear around the house when I want to be casual and cute at the same time.

Let’s Get Cozy T-Shirt

Love, love, love this t-shirt!!! It’s that really great soft, slinky material that hangs nicely and is really comfy to wear. I love the rolled sleeves and the shade of blue. This really is a cute top.

Blanket Scarf

Now this is the kind of item that I LOVE to see in Fall subscription boxes. If I had my way, every Fall sub box would include a blanket scarf. This one is square in shape which makes it very easy to style. I also love the black/red plaid combo. It will go with so many different outfits.


No Fall box would be complete without a fall-scented candle. This rounds out the box perfectly. I can picture it now……a cozy sunday spent inside, bingeing on Christmas movies, a warm fire, my candle lit, my comfy Pancakes Please top, a pair of black leggings and my new socks. How amazing does that sound! Sign me up!

Obviously Chic Box Review Fall 2018 – Final Thoughts

The Fall Obvisouly Chic Box is everything I was hoping it would be. It’s full of cozy items and fall-inspired goodies. I am loving every single item. The sweatshirt is cute and cozy, the tee is super cute, the blanket scarf is a must-have item for Fall, the socks are absolutely perfect and the candle is something I LOVE to receive this time of year. I think they put together a really great box for Fall and I can’t wait to see what their new box – The Hey Helen Box – has in store for us next month.





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One comment on “Obviously Chic Box Review Fall 2018

  1. Danny Brown says:

    Do not give your money to this company. I bought a years subscription for my girlfriend. The December Box at time of sign up was supposed to be shipped out Dec 20, 2018.

    Receive blast email on December 30 – stating a shipping update. The Obv Chic Team is working around the clock to get the boxes out and they would be shipping In the next 10-14 days .

    Received an email January 15, saying the box was delayed and that they are restructuring. Expect the box to be shipped shortly – and my spring payment for the box won’t be charged until the winter box is shipped!

    Received another email January 20, stating that the subscription box would be ready to ship the week of January 21.

    January 23 I received a shipping label thinking that my December chic box was finally on it way. As of January 29 Canada post hasn’t received anything to ship. ( so the company made the shipping label but didn’t actual ship anything- a stall tactic )

    However, they then charge my credit card for the Spring box.

    It is now January 29, 2019 and their website is down – and emails to customer service are bouncing back as undeliverable.
    I commented on Instagram asking where the box was and my comment was removed and I was banned from the page.

    Don’t waste your time – my experience has been very disappointing.
    No customer service #, emails are unanswered- and the box delivery date is going on 6 weeks late.

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