Parabo Box Review June/July 2018

Give Your Home a Bimonthly Style Spruce Up with Parabo Box! They will turn your best Instagram photo every other month into a new print or other art object, and send along curated accessories to go with it. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Here’s a little fact about me…..Home Decor Subscription Boxes are my favourite kind of boxes to receive/subscribe to. I love home decor but I get overwhelmed quite easily when shopping for decor items. I LOVE the idea of someone else picking out the items for me. But with that being said, I don’t get my hands on these kind of boxes too often because they are few and far between. So imagine how excited I was when I came across Parabo Box! Not only do they curate home decor items, but they also turn your best IG photo into a new print and include it in each box. I was sold even before getting to review my first box.

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Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Parabo Box Subscription you can expect to receive a piece of home décor, stationery, or a straight up print made from your photo, paired with a way to display it and a few accessories they’ve chosen to go with it.

How It Works:

Sign up for a subscription and just add #printmeplease to your favorite Instagram and they’ll use that one! If you don’t use the hashtag at all, they’ll choose your most liked photo. If you’d rather not post your choice, email your photo to [email protected]

Boxes are only $39 each. You won’t pay any extra for shipping to the US or Canada, and only $10 more to ship anywhere else.

And, they have a 100% happiness, money back guarantee. It just takes one click to get your moola back.

Here’s a peek at my June/July Parabo Box…..

Wood Floating Shelf

First up we have a wood floating shelf. I love this first item because of its versatility. I can hang it on a wall in my office or I can stand it on my desk or book shelf. I can set things inside – candles, mini plants, etc. Very versatile and the wood color goes with most decors.

Felt Pin Board & Hex Shape Photo

Here we have a felt pin board and my IG photo cut into a hex shape. With Parabo box you can use a hashtag to let them know which photo to use for each box, or they will choose your photo with the most likes, or you can email them. I sent them a few of my favourite photos and this is the one they chose. It’s a photo of my favourite tree. It’s at the top of the hill that I hike almost everyday.

With the felt pin board you could attach your photo with the pins they included in the box or you could use it for notes, or keys, or any other small items you would like to hang.

Lonantha Air Plant & Hex Planter

Here we have an adorable little planter which fits perfectly in the wood shelf. Seeing as I am located in Canada they weren’t able to include the plant itself (due to shipping limitations) so they sent me a gorgeous set of plant prints instead.

Silver Washi Tape & Pins

Here we have some silver wash tape, perfect for displaying your photo or the plant prints I received. They also included some pins for the felt board.

Leopardite (Leopard Jasper)

Lastly we have a piece of Leopard Jasper which is said to have a very peaceful energy. They say to keep it around as a reminder to be open to accepting your wonderful self and accepting others too.

Paradox Box Review June/July 2018 – Final Thoughts

I am extremely happy with my first Parabo Box and so glad to have discovered a new home decor subscription box. Everything was gorgeous, from the box to the product card and everything tucked inside. They packaged everything perfectly and nothing got damaged during the shipping process. I LOVE the idea of receiving a new photo in each box. I never take the time to print my photos so this is a great way to finally get some of my prints displayed. I had a quick look back at some of their past boxes and all of them look amazing. Needless to say I am a huge fan. I’m already wishing it was a monthly box. Two months is too long to wait for my next one……





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