PupBox Review July 2017

PupBox is a monthly subscription for new puppy owners that delivers educational material, treats, toys, and accessories straight to your doorstep. Their service will highlight puppy safe products personalized by puppy age and physical characteristics. Educational material will be provided with each box to help walk new puppy owners through the many training steps and developmental changes they will encounter throughout puppyhood. They kindly sent us this box for review.

This is our first time reviewing PupBox, well at least in the last year or two, I feel like we may have reviewed it prior to that, but since it has been so long it feels like a new box. And……it couldn’t have arrived at a better time! PupBox is for new puppy owners and my Dad just happened to have added two adorable chocolate lab puppies to the family. I am pretty darn excited right now.

Subscription Details

Here’s how a PupBox subscription works….

Create Your Profile – We grow with your puppy! Our puppy profiler allows us to cater each box to the evolving needs of your baby. Each box is customized based on your puppy’s stage of development and physical characteristics. 

  • Let them know gender, target adult weight, coat type and birthday.

You Pick It, They Ship It – Decisions, decisions, choose a plan (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) the more months you sign up for in advance, the more money you save! You pay for your entire subscription term upfront. All plans renew automatically so you won’t miss out on any great products or training info. You can cancel at anytime… but we will most certainly cry.

Delivered to Your Front Door – We ship out our beautiful purple boxes on the 10th of the month. New customers who sign up after the 10th will be shipped on the 20th the first month and then the following 10th. A tracking number will be sent to you via email as soon as your PupBox ships so you can watch your PupBox hop around the country on it’s way to you! All shipments take roughly 2-5 business days once shipped. Shipping within the US is free. Canadian shipments include a $7 monthly charge.

Here’s a closer look at the items we received in the July PupBox….

Training Guide – 2 Month Old Puppy

Guide to help you and your new pup through the first months of puppyhood. Includes – puppy proofing your home, house training 101, crate training, hand targeting.

Fizzion Stain & Odor Remover

Fizzion’s powerful CO2 fizzing action unlocks and cleans stains and odors on contact. Nontoxic ingredients kill odor causing bacteria naturally.

My Stepmom is going to LOVE this first product. She’s the one who cleans up after the pups when they have been in the house. This will be absolutely perfect for her. And the fact that it is made with nontoxic ingredients is a bonus.

Kong Comfort Snuggles – Medium

Kong Comfort Snuggles dog toys are made for cuddling! Overstuffed soft plush and fleece combine to make the perfect snuggle buddy for your pup. A squeaker and light lavender scenting make Comfort Snuggles even better suited for extended cuddle sessions.

This is so stickin’ cute! A lavender scented cuddle buddy! Are you kidding me?! I’m not sure if my Dad will appreciate this one as much as I do, but I think it will be the perfect nighttime companion for Fritz & Jock.

Earthbath All Natural Puppy Wipes

Alcohol and lanolin free. Quickly wipes away whatever mess your pup has gotten into.

Another product my Stepmom will love. The puppies stay in the garage during the night and as soon as the kitchen door opens they are wanting to get in the house. Same goes after they have been in the yard/vineyard with Dad all day. These will be perfect for cleaning their paws prior to coming in the house.

JW Teething Butterfly

Teething puppies love the texture and semi soft rubber of this teething aid.

Any and all chew toys are welcome. The puppies are definitely in the chewing phase. Last night they were chewing on my Converse. That is a BIG no-no so this toy will be coming with me next time I go for a visit.

Vital Essentials Beef Nibs

Packed with vital nutrients, made with only fresh, whole, single-sourced USDA animal protein to provide essential nutrition that dogs instinctively crave.

Charming Balloon Latex Lion Mini

A little lion with a giant roar. This squeaking wonder will keep your pup giddy for hours, or until you go crazy and hide it in the pantry.

This is almost as cute as the lavender teddy…….almost.

PupBox Review July 2017 – Final Thoughts

The July PupBox is absolutely perfect for my Dad’s new puppies. I haven’t given the box to him yet, but I told him about it and he is pretty excited to receive it. We received it at the perfect time because the pups are just over 2-months old. I love all of the items included in the box, and am really happy to see something other than treats and toys. The wipes and stain remover add value to the box and set it apart from other pet subscriptions. I also really love the training guide we received. It talks about all the things my Dad is currently trying to teach the pups. He is going to get a lot of use out of the guide which adds even more value to the box. So far I am a huge fan of PupBox. I can’t wait to see what Fritz & Jock think.





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