Pura Vida Bracelets Review April 2018

Pure Vida Bracelets it is a monthly subscription for handmade bracelets. Pura Vida means “pure life”, a Costa Rican philosophy that encourages the appreciation of life’s simple treasures. The site offers thousands of bracelets with unique color combinations that represent different aspects of the Pura Vida Lifestyle and allow you to mix & match to create endless style options! Every bracelet is as unique as the artisan who made it and the person wearing it.

The Box: Pura Vida Bracelets

Cost: $14.95 per month

What You Get: Each month members get 3 bracelets that are hand-selected by Pura Vida’s top Instagram influencers (up to $50 in value, that’s 70% savings each month).

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping Cost: FREE to US & $5 International

Pura Vida ships in a plain white mailing envelope, and it was covered in mailing labels so I didn’t take a photo of it. The subscription is pretty straightforward, there’s one option and you can cancel anytime.

Here’s a closer look at the bracelets we received this month. I should point out that these aren’t from the April Collection but a random sampling of bracelets from their line.

Solid Seafoam

It’s the bracelet that started it all. Each one is handmade, waterproof and totally unique—in fact, the more you wear it, the cooler it looks. Grab yours today to feel the Pura Vida vibes.

Apparently, this is the original style. They have quite a few color options on the website but I’m really loving the seafoam.

These next two bracelets weren’t on their website so I don’t have product descriptions for either.

Blue Stone

Next up we have a simple cream-colored strand with a gorgeous blue stone. I love the simplicity of this one. The stone just says it all.

Multi Beaded

Lastly we have a multicolored beaded bracelet to pull it all together. I love that it takes some color from the seafoam strands and the blue stone.

Pura Vida Bracelets Review April 2018 – Final Thoughts

So here’s the deal……I love this subscription. You all know I love simplicity and I love a straightforward subscription box. Well, it doesn’t get more simple than this. With Pura Vida Bracelets each month we receive 3 bracelets in a simple canvas bag. I would love to see the bracelets arrive in a pretty envelope, but other than that I can’t complain. It’s inexpensive, cute, and fun to unbox. I had a quick peek at past collections and it appears as though they try to theme the bracelets according to the season and/or holiday. For example, the April collection was perfect for Spring and the February collection was romantic and perfect for Valentine’s Day. These are the kind of bracelets I can definitely see myself wearing on a daily basis. Easy to put on, easy to adjust, colourful and fun, and best of all…….simple! It’s just like the name……Pura Vida – life’s simple treasures!


Pura Vida Bracelets

Receive 3 hand-picked bracelets to your door monthly for only $14.95 (up to $50 value). Shipping is completely free, and if you decide to cancel, no worries, there’s no long […]

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