RawSpiceBar Review April 2017

RawSpiceBar is a subscription box that sends you global, authentic spice blends created by top chefs to your door every month. Fresh, recipe-ready flavor kits, delivered monthly. Cook global dishes, without the salt & sugar. Custom recipes for diets of all types. They kindly sent us this box for review.

The Ghanaian Flavour Kit
A well known Ghanaian proverb says, “The good soup comes from the good earth.”  One of the most famous Ghanaian dishes is groundnut (peanut) soup.  Peanuts came to Ghana via the Portuguese, helping to create rich, creamy soups and stews, in the absence of milk or dairy.  Traditionally served with rice balls, we love this soup with brown rice, quinoa or whole grain bread.

Grains of Paradise
Ingredients: Grains of Paradise

I love that a breakfast dish has been included in this months RawSpiceBar!  I love breakfast for any meal of the day.

West African Peanut Spice Rub
Ingredients: Toasted Ground Peanuts, Ginger, Paprika, Onion, Garlic, Back Peppercorns, Red Chiles, Cayenne, Pepper, White Peppercorns, Spices

I’m not a huge fan of peanut flavoured dishes, but this spice blend smells really nice!  It actually doesn’t smell too overpowering and I pick up more on the peppers, paprika and cayenne than anything else.  The peanut scene smells more complementary.

Bird’s Eye Berbere
Ingredients: Sweet Paprika, Coriander, Ginger, Cardamom, Fenugreek, Nutmeg, Allspice, Cloves, Bird’s Eye Chiles, Spices

This has a very BBQ smell to me.  It smells smokey and strong.  Oh man… a sneeze is coming on now.. haha!  I like that a chicken dish is recommended with this, but I would even venture to use this on a red meat and pair a smokey red wine with it!

RawSpiceBar April 2017 – Final Thoughts

RawSpiceBar is a super consistent box in what it provides.  It will always provide three packets of spices and recipes to accompany them.  If you’re the kind of chef that likes some direction, but room for interpretation, this is a great food box for you.  Some food boxes go as far as providing all the ingredients and directions, however, RawSpiceBar more inspires you with flavours and scents.  You don’t necessarily have to follow their recipes.  Feel free to let the spices take you on your own cooking journey!  This is how I like to cook anyway.  Give me a rough idea of where I’m headed and I’ll figure out the rest.





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