ScentBox Review April 2019

The fun of ScentBox is receiving a new fragrance to try each and every month.

Some are ones I’ve never heard of and others are ones I’ve wanted to sample but haven’t wanted to commit to the full-sized bottle price tag.

ScentBox makes it affordable to ‘try before you buy’ those luxury scents.

This month I received one of Loris Azzaro’s newest scents, Azzaro Wanted.

A “Bold. Powerful. Irresistible” fragrance crafted With explosive lemon, energizing cardamom and opulent tonka bean.

The top notes on Azzaro Wanted are fresh and citrusy while the under-note is lightly floral, perfect for spring.

As always ScentBox ships their luxury fragrances in a very easy to travel with atomizer that is perfectly sized to comply with airport security regulations.

Another exciting month and seasonally appropriate delivery from ScentBox.

Ryan Massel –


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