Scrapbooking Store Review March 2017

Scrapbooking Store is a small scrapbooking company that takes pride in hand selecting and delivering a scrapbook kit to your door every month.  Each month their team will put together a beautiful 12×12 kit with acid and lignin free paper and full sticker sheet.  You will also receive a project idea sheet with inspiration and information about your kit to get your juices flowing. They kindly sent us this box for review.

If you find yourself needing more embellishments, they have an upgrade option where you will receive additional items such as brads, chipboards, stickers, washi tape and more!

In this month’s versatile scrapbooking kit you will find cute and colourful patterned papers that can work together to complement your layouts or be used in other collections.  The patterns encourage themes of family time, fun moments and the start of spring elements!

We have upgraded our subscription to include the extra items!  In this month’s kit we can also find a full 12×12 sticker sheet, 12×12 die cut sheet and a packet of paper and glitter die cut borders!

We have also opted to double our sticker and embellishments!  Thanks to that upgrade we will also find a 20 piece sticker set, flip book, 6×12 accent sicker sheet, and a second sticker sheet with a count of 278 pieces!

I have always been a paper crafter, ever since I was a kid I preferred paper crafts to all other crafts!  I still make my own cards and prefer to wander the isles of paper at the craft store more than any other isle!  I had so much fun just photographing all that came in our packet that I can hardly wait to start piecing together the next project!

The sticker sets are too much fun!  I love the theme of family and memories!  This is what life is all about, creating those memories.  The colour scheme of this packet is also so beautiful!  I loved all the colour and pattern choices!

The flip book is so cute, but I’m not sure how I want to use it.  There are different patterns on each side, which can frustrate me, as sometimes I love both sides and then don’t know which to use.  Thankfully you can check out the blog of Scrapbooking Store for ideas on how to use the items in your kit.  I may just have to do that for the flip book!

I am IN LOVE with these die cut pages!  I may just use some of these to scrapbook my agenda as well.  The sparkly boarders are so pretty!  I felt like I was scrapbooking putting this photo shoot together!

The Scrapbooking Store March 2017 – Final Thoughts

This is the most inspirational box!  You’ve triggered my crafty side and soon my whole dinning room will be covered in paper, glue, tape, scissors, photos, cards and ideas!  Can’t wait for the creative mess to begin!  I get so overwhelmed when I go to the craft store looking for paper products that all creativity and ideas sometimes just escape me and I leave with nothing at all!  How great is it for someone else to do the matching, paring and thinking for you?  Now I just get to sit down with my tea and my creative thoughts and get to work.  I’m telling you, some of my friends are going to be receiving the prettiest cards in the very near future thanks to Scrapbooking Store!

UPDATE: Crafted Cards

Below are 20 cards that I crafted from this months box!  Card stock for the card itself was not provided in this box.  All paper, stickers and embellishments displayed on the cards were included in Scrapbooking Store’s March box.  When you consider I was able to craft out 20 cards with this box the value is unbeatable!  I didn’t even use some of the sheets provided and I have a ton of supplies left over!  My creativity ran out before the paper did.  I already can’t wait for next months selections!





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