Sleek Treat Review June 2017

Sleek Treat is a Sugar-Free Subscription Box with a focus on Low Carb treats safe for pre-diabetics, diabetics and those interested in living healthy without sacrificing gourmet flavor. They Kindly sent us this box for review.

Sleek Treat is such a cute and tidy little snack box!  I feel like those are the best words for it.  The box itself is on the smaller side, but just packed with amazing items!  All the items are sugar-free and take into consideration the dietary needs of a diabetic or someone looking to cut back on the sweets.  Any diabetic receiving this box should always discuss their diet and meal plans with a physicians before enjoying too many treats though.

Torras Dark Chocolate

Torras is a Spanish chocolatier founded in 1890 and committed to producing high quality, decadent treats.  For a pure taste of natural dark chocolate, try this smooth and delicious bar to reinvigorate your senses.

Yes!  Dark chocolate is my all time favourite.  I’ve tried a few chocolates with stevia as the main sweetener and to be honest, I like it better!  I do find the chocolate may melt a bit faster and the sweet isn’t as cutting as regular chocolate, but over all I’m a fan of stevia chocolate bars and can’t wait to try this one.

Dr. John’s Variety Pack

These thoughtfully crafted sweets are created by an experienced dentist & dental hygienist.  Naturally sweetened with American Birch Xylitol & made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, these pops, caramels and candies will completely surprise you with their strong flavours!

Yum!  These sound so good.  I love that they are created by a dentist.  It takes all the guilt away.

Tisano Chocolate Tea

Roses aren’t just for saying “I Love You”.  In ancient times they were prized for their aroma, medicinal and nutritional properties.  Tisano fuses the wisdom of The Ancients with the ‘Fruit of the Gods’, Cacao.  The soothing floral aroma of roses relaxes while the sweetness of chocolate excites – a delicate balance of perfection.

Wow!  This sounds so good.  I love a good chocolate, and infused with roses?  Yes please!

Vitalize Mints – Lime

Enjoy this burst of flavourful citrus while you enjoy the spring vibes!  Vitalize Mints are made with a blend of natural flavours and electrolytes to keep you going all day long.  Xylitol is used as an alternative to sugar because it wont spike your blood sugar and is great for your teeth!

It can be so hard to find mints or breath fresheners that aren’t full of sugar or additives that are just terrible for you.  I so appreciate being introduced to new mints that don’t have ingredient lists as long as the package.

Chocolate Milk Chocolate Pecan Clusters

Some of our favourite tasting Milk Chocolate comes from ChocoRite!  Try the mouth-watering Pecan Clusters which are a safe alternative for all diets including Weight Watchers, South Beach and Atkins.  Bet you can’t have just one piece!

I think this item might be my favourite of the box and I bet you I won’t be able to eat just one piece.

Hi-Fiber Matcha Tea Ginger Crunchy Snack Bar

Match Tea Ginger Hi-Fiber is jam-packed with extra protein & is an excellent source of fiber.  These Hi-FiBars have a double shot of antioxidants from the highest quality of Japanese matcha tea and the miracle spice ginger.  Boosts immunity and adds a little Zen to your busy life.

I really feel like Sleek Treat is hitting it out of the park with these options!

La Nouba White Chocolate Bar

LaNouba combines the decadent, rich vanilla flavour of white chocolate with the smooth mouth-feel and texture of Belgian chocolate.  Go ahead and indulge to transport your taste buds to Europe with these imported delights.

So. Much. Chocolate.  I’m in love here.

Dr. John’s Sweet Advantage

These Naturally Sweetened Tangy Melon Mints will redefine your notion of what a mint is.  They’re fresh, fruity and a burst of candy melon flavour.  They are tooth-safe and their delicious flavour will satisfy any sweet craving.

Wow, another mint!  This box is turning out to be a real win with all the mints and chocolate.

Sleek Treat June 2017 – Final Thoughts

So in love with this month’s box!  I’m a chocolate monster, so to receive so many chocolate options was a huge win for me.  I also love to find new mints and gum that are teeth friendly and without sugar or harmful additives.  This box provided all of that plus a little extra.  It was the perfect box!





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