SpiceBreeze Review March 2019

SpiceBreeze is a spice culinary kit that only costs $5.90 – $11.85 per month and delivers 2-4 spice kits to your door for you to cook delicious meals from around the world. You can experience flavors from different countries without leaving your home! Travel through the sense of smell and taste with these practical spice kits and step by step recipes with pictures!

The March SpiceBreeze brought 4 different “lucky” dishes from 4 different destinations of the globe including one from Ireland.

The spices come in little ziploc baggies inside a folded card stock sheet. On the picture below you can see the vellum that they include every month and March, being the Month of St. Patrick’s Day they sent us a lucky shamrock.

On the outside we get a photo of one of the world destinations but this month they did a stunning photo of ingredients and spices. Inside we not only get the spices but 4 recipe cards that are scored to be folded in half for easy storage. There you’ll find the ingredients list, step by step directions and a photo of how the dish looks finished.

I received the March Box pretty late as the mail was delayed during the last weeks of March but the good thing is, there was no plane I missed because these meal recipes come right to my door! I’ll be traveling to Iran, Ireland, Mexico and Hungary! How exciting! Buckle up!

Recipe 1: Gulyás from Hungary

This is a comforting recipe for a bread bowl filled with a hearty soup to savor the taste of freshly ground Hungarian paprika! This is also known as goulash and it’s a national dish. The spice kit includes a mix of Hungarian paprika, marjoram, black pepper and bay leaves.

Recipe 2: Chilaquiles from Mexico

This is the perfect recipe to indulge in a crunchy deep fried tortilla chips covered with a balanced chili pepper sauce. This is a traditional Mexican dish dating back to the Aztec.

The spice mix brings together ancho chili, garlic, onion, cumin, oregano and cloves.

Recipe 3: Spice Bag from Dublin

This is a popular street dish from Dublin that took on a trendy take. We don’t know the origin and they’re literally paper bags filled with juicy fried chicken and fries, topped with onions, sometimes bell peppers, and fresh chili slices for extra heat.

We received 3 spice kits to add-on depending of your heat tolerance.

Kit 1: star anise, fennel, cinnamon, garlic, cloves

Kit 2: sishuan pepper (not recommended during pregnancy)

Kit 3: roasted chilli powder (mild)

Recipe 4: Sabzi Polo Mahi

This is one of the many dishes served for Nowruz, the Persian New Year, Made with basmanti rice and fresh herbs, including fenugreek leaves that is the kit 1 for this recipe.

Kit 2 includes turmeric, cumin, coriander and garlic.

SpiceBreeze Review March 2019 – Final Thoughts

The March SpiceBreeze kit took us all around the globe to different poles and some places close to home, like Mexico. I am really excited to try the Irish recipe because I recently found out I am 2% Irish, lol but besides, it sounds amazing! And I can’t wait to make the Mexican recipe as well. I love exploring foods from different places in the world and feeling a little closer to their people by enjoying the flavors that they get to taste every day! SpiceBreeze makes it possible with the awesome spice kits for as little as $12 a month and free shipping!

Lucia – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUtiLVKHKUh0DQNK4_-P6cQ


SpiceBreeze is a monthly culinary subscription box that delivers pre-portioned spice kits accompanied by simple recipe cards to help you create delicious meals with the spices.

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