Spoonie Essentials Box Review May 2017

Spoonie Essentials Box is a monthly care package of health & wellness products, inspiring words, tokens of love & comfort delivered to chronic-illness fighters worldwide! They kindly sent us this box for review.

This is only our second time reviewing Spoonie Essentials Box so let’s go over the details…..

Subscription Details

The Spoonie Essentials Box website is a little confusing. I’m pretty sure this is a monthly subscription but when you go to their subscription page it refers to “quarterly” subscriptions. The price is $39.99 per box and I’m not sure if that is monthly or quarterly. You also have the option to purchase a gift subscription.

What You Get: Each month boasts themed care packages–like “Naps, Netflix, and Pills”, “Nama-stay-in- bed”, “Painsomnia”, “Self-Love isn’t Selfish” etc–equipped with “Do it Yourself Projects” for times spent at home or in the hospital, a handwritten note of encouragement, a healthy snack, new or unique all-natural remedies to common chronic-illness challenges, tokens of love and inspiration, and anything else new and innovative on the market that may enhance the life of someone fighting an illness or chronic-disease.

May Theme

I wasn’t able to find a product card for the May box, or any info on their website in regards to the monthly theme. From the looks of the items inside, it appears as though we have some sort of Summer theme going on, but I could be wrong.

Here’s a look at the items in the May box:

Greeting Card

In the box description it says we will receive a handwritten note of encouragement so I’m not sure if this greeting card was meant for that, or if it was in fact supposed to be blank. Regardless, it’s always nice to have extra greeting cards on hand.

Desk Fan

This is actually a really cute idea. It can get pretty hot here in the Summer months so I can definitely see myself using this. The same applies to those fighting an illness. This would be a great little bedside item.

Ice Pack

This item is a must-have for anyone, whether it be someone fighting an illness, or someone like myself who suffers from headaches. I will get a lot of use out of this.


This is where the Summer theme comes in to play……I think. I’m not entirely sure what the meaning is with this particular item, but I’m extremely happy to see these in the box regardless. I’ve been dying to get my hands on a pair of sunglasses like this for months!! They are beyond cute!!

Aloe Vera Gel

This is the perfect item for a Summer box. I try to have a bottle of Aloe Vera on hand year round. It’s a great way to soothe skin.

Cattail Apothecary Stick Lotion

Herbal solid stick lotion. Solid hand lotion is extremely convenient and travel-friendly. Excellent size to throw in purse, backpack, desk drawer, pocket, clutch or christmas stocking.

I’m not entirely sure how this fits into the theme, but stick lotions are extremely convenient. They are perfect for your purse, or your hospital bag.

Unbelievable Skincare Facial Exfoliant

I wasn’t able to find any info on this product. I would have loved some details. It’s really making me wish we had received a product card.

First Aid Kit To Go

Love, love, love the idea of this item!! I need 5 more of these little kits so I can keep them everywhere – purse, car, office, kitchen…….you name it.

Apple Cinnamon Chips

Lastly we have a healthy treat. These actually sound really good and they only have two ingredients – apples & cinnamon.

Spoonie Essentials Box Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

Even though I’m a little confused about Spoonie Essentials Box subscription options, I still have high hopes for this box. I love the idea behind it and think it has huge potential. They included some really great products this month, I am beyond excited about the sunglasses, but I definitely would have liked to see a product card and theme explanation. I felt a little out of the loop when going through the items; product descriptions would have come in handy. I think there’s room for improvement when it comes to organization, on the website and with the box itself, but other than that I think it is a great box.





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2 comments on “Spoonie Essentials Box Review May 2017

  1. Terri B. says:

    The sunglasses are for those of us that cannot deal with intense light or glare. For me, nothing will trigger a migraine as quickly as bright sunlight. These are great because they are so cute! It’s nice to look great even if you feel terrible!
    Blank greeting cards are often included in these types of boxes because it can be difficult to get out and purchase cards when you are chronically ill. Having some available makes writing thank you notes a bit easier!
    I’m so glad you are reviewing this box now!

    1. Thank you so much Terri!! I love the insight. It’s always good to get another perspective on a box. You pointed out things that I didn’t think of and now that you have mentioned them it makes perfect sense:)

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