Tea Runners Review September 2017

Tea Runners is the world’s finest tea club. Every month their members receive a curated collection of four of the world’s best loose leaf teas, along with tasting notes and brewing instructions. Each box contains enough tea for 30-50 cups. Tea Runners brings the undiscovered world of small batch loose leaf tea to your door. They receive dozens of samples every month, taste them all, and select only the best. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing Tea Runners since May of this year, but I have to be honest with you, I am getting even more excited to receive this box as the fall and winter approach, cause it’s tea season baby!  The mornings are already cooling off and the crisp fall air is starting to hit the evenings as well.  I just love the fall, cozying up in blankets, reading a good book and drinking endless tea!

September 2017

We’re already at the tail end of summer and relishing the last of our iced tea brews, but we’ve got fabulous news to ease you into the colder months!

We’re happy to announce that this month we are officially opening our online store at Tea Runners.  We’re dedicated to reading every single review and suggestion from our customers, and because you asked for it, you can now purchase more of the teas you’ve loved from previous boxes, as well as beautiful and efficient teaware to make steeping your loose leaf selections even easier.

Stay tuned for more announcements on our fall tea selections, including a pumpkin spice oolong we can’t get enough of, and some other unusual and addictive fall must haves.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Ok, so it looks like I may have to wait just one more month for those fall favourites, but all the same, I am super excited to see what has been provided in the September Tea Runners.

Matcha Mate

Japanese matcha and Brazilian yerba mate, two super greens known to give a natural energy kick, combine here to create a very pleasant sipping experience that’s perfect for a hot summer day.

Matcha’s deep sweetness balances the pleasantly herbaceous notes of pure, fresh green yerba mate resulting in an uplifting, sublimely savoury-sweet cup harmonized in both energy and flavour.

I have never fully gotten into a matcha, but I remember when it was all the rage and everyone was purchasing the special matcha mugs.  Do people still buy these mugs?  I keep seeing matcha pop up in my tea boxes, so I’ll have to be brave one of these days and give it a try!

Ginger Lime Rooibos

This delightful caffeine-free blend of ginger and lime is perfect for summer evening sipping.  Fragrant lemongrass and Australian lemon myrtle lend citrusy complexity to this spirited rooibos blend.

Ahh!  Yes!  Right up my alley.  I’ve been absolutely loving ginger teas lately and cannot wait to dive into this one.

Himalayan Gold Black

After a short summer season, the Himalayan monsoon soaks the fertile soils of Sandakphu in eastern Nepal producing a rare artisan tea that reflects all of natures’ goodness.  This truly outstanding tea, with its lovely balance of stone fruit and honey, as awarded 1st place in the highly competitive Black Tea category of the Tea Championship Awards.

Wow, this sounds so amazing and comforting.  Love the sound of stone fruits and honey.  I just had my first peach of the season the other day and fell in love all over again!  Can’t wait to brew some of this up.

Silver Strands

Silver Strands is a very fragrant and pungent green tea of Simao that can be infused many times.  It has the robust characteristics and a potent aftertaste that lingers in the back of the mouth.  The leaves have been dried into extremely thin strands that slowly unravel and expand as they are infused.

I’m not a huge fan of green teas, as I find them to be quite bitter.  I think this is because I brew them too long.  I know they are not supposed to be in the water for very long.  What’s your tips for brewing green tea to get the best flavour?

Tea Runners September 2017 – Final Thoughts

I am very happy with the selections this month!  I think I’m trying to jump into fall flavours a little too soon and appreciate that they provided a couple teas that still help cling to the summer.  I am a little anxious to see the October box and the spice teas come out!  Over all I have always been very happy with my Tea Runners subscription!  I am delighted to hear of the opening of their new store and the ability to purchase teas that have been provided in the past.  This is such exciting news, as it can be so frustrating to find more tea in a blend you couldn’t get enough of.  I highly recommend Tea Runners to any tea lover!





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