The Accio! Box Review August 2017

Accio! is the first and only artisanal subscription box 100% inspired by the Potterverse. Each Accio! Box is specially curated for adult fans by their team of certified Potterhead nerds. That means that they take great care in choosing only beautiful, high quality indie and handmade items that they would want to receive theirselves. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Each Accio! Box contains 3-5 indie, handmade items per month, and each and every box will contain at least one item specific to your preferred House. Curations may include home decor, household items, apparel (in inclusive sizes up to 3XL!), bath and body products, candles, or edible goodies. The selections will be a surprise each month, and some will be sets that you can collect over the course of a subscription!

This is the greatest idea ever!  A box completely centred around a book/movie theme!  Now I want a box for all the great books and movies out there.  This is our first time reviewing The Accio! Box and the timing couldn’t be any better, as I just started reading Harry Potter for the very first time!  I’m feeling the love here.  Let’s take a look and see what Accio has for us.

This month it’s all about Ron!

Ronald.  Won-Won. Roonil Wazlib.  He’s a man of many names, but there’s only one Ron Weasley.  There are some who view Ron as a mere sidekick, but we see him a bit differently.  Never has there been a more steadfast friend, willing to give a perfect stranger half a sandwich on the school train when it was the only food he had.  Although he had the privilege of being a pureblood wizard, he spent his life trying to abolish the idea of blood status.  And at the age of thirteen, he was ready to die for his best friend when confronted by a man he thought was a cold-blooded killer.  So no, he’s not just a sidekick.  As far as we’re concerned, Wesley is our King!

I’m only on the second book right now and already I love Ron!  Sidekicks carry the story, let’s be honest.  Where would Frodo be without Sam?!

Don’t Let the Muggles Get You Down Maroon Tee

When it comes to one-liners and quotable moments, Ron has some real gems.  This is definitely one of our faves, and a good reminder for days when people are being decidedly un-magical.  Designed exclusively for Accio! Box subscribers, this tee may be in Ron’s least favourite colour, but we think it looks great paired with jeans and trainers. 

Ah I love a good exclusive tee!  I think it’s my favourite part about most of the geek boxes out there.  There is nothing like sporting an original when the market can get flooded with shirts and knock-offs.  Love the colour, design and quote!

Ron’s Sweater Koozie

Won-Won might not appreciate his mother’s Christmas handicrafts, but we would kill for a Weasley sweater!  Reminiscent of Ron’s iconic maroon jumper, this Accio Exclusive insulated sleeve will help keep your bottled beers (butter or otherwise) cold and sweat-free.

Such a cool item! I thought the Christmas sweater was such an endearing part of the book and now my beer has one haha!

House Quidditch Team Vinyl Decal

There are few things in the world that Ron loves as much as Quidditch!  Show your pride for your House Team with these decals from the Splendid Sussie!  Designed exclusively for Accio! Box subscribers, these decals look great on laptops, car windows, water bottles, and anywhere else you want to stick’em!

Love vinyl stickers!  And another exclusive item, which is amazing!  I wonder if different subscribers got different team vinyls?

Flying Ford Anglia Enamel Pin

As soon as we saw this adorable pin by Luxembourg artist Lisa Junius, we knew we just had to make it part of one of our boxes!  Lisa’s design features the iconic turquoise car, complete with the tiny Harry and Ron in the front seat, and Hedwig in her cage in the back.  All that’s missing is a fat pack of toffees and an invisibility booster!  

Love enamel pins!  When I worked for Disney I got a little obsessed with them.  Now that I have read a bit of Harry Potter and just finished the part about the flying car, I have a huge appreciation for this adorable pin!

Ron, Pig and Scabbers

We are absolute suckers for Kathleen Strawder’s beautiful movable prints.  We love them so much that we’ve included them in three boxes so far, and Ron completes the Golden Trio collection!  Each doll is illustrated by Kathleen, then scanned and printed on cardstock, hand cut and articulated with tiny brads to make movable joins.  We love her attention to detail, from her teeny little Scabbers to Ron’s hand-me-down robes.  

Ok, I feel a little jealous that I missed out on the Harry and Hermione dolls.  I’ll have to check out the Etsy shop to find the other ones!  Such nice detailing on the dolls!

The Accio! Box August 2017 – Final Thoughts

Seriously impressed here!  Did I mention I now want this box themed for all my favourite movies and books?!  Loved the amount of exclusive items in this box; that really makes it stand out and feel original.  I was a huge fan of every item!  Like I said, I love exclusive tees and this one is definitely going to be one I wear!  The enamel pin was so cute and I’m such a sucker for pins.  I also really liked how a couple of the items were designed by craft fans themselves!  I’m a huge supporter of the crafters out there making a living doing what they love.  Now I can’t wait to hunker down and read more Harry Potter!  I’ll have to crack a beer and get that koozie on it ASAP!





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