The Black Coffee Co. Review December 2016

Life is too short to drink bad coffee.  Life is also too short to spend it in line ups waiting for your coffee!  So why not get it shipped right to your door.  Get the best beans for black coffee delivered every month. You select the roast and we find the best beans from different regions every month to send directly to your home or office.

The Black Coffee Co. lets you select your favourite type of roast, choosing from, “Roasted Roulette”, “Lawless Light Roast”, “Manic Medium Roast”, and “Deadly Dark Roast” and they choose the beans for you.  You also get to choose how often you would like your coffee to arrive from weekly to bi-weekly!

Opening up the coffee bag let a huge burst of aroma fill my senses!  Right off the bat I could smell the rich oils of the coffee and a dark under tone that seemed to be a chocolate note.  I can’t wait to try this, my mouth is already watering.

I may have to up the subscription to bi-weekly if this coffee is as good as it smells.  I don’t see this bag lasting long in this household!





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