TokiBox Review April 2019

TokiBox is the easiest way to discover the best new vegan snacks + clean beauty brands, small business focused, delivered to your door your monthly. Each product is carefully vetted with the intent to create a meaningful self-care experience, from unboxing to application. They kindly sent us this box for review.

TokiBox is still a fairly new discovery for me. I reviewed it on our YouTube channel the end of last year but other than that this will only be my second time receiving it. I really loved my first box and had high hopes for this month’s delivery. It’s a box full of vegan snacks + clean beauty brands – two of my favorite things. Let’s have a closer look and see if I love this box as much as my last one.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a TokiBox subscription you have a few options to choose from – monthly subscription, 3-month subscription or a 6-month subscription.

Each TokiBox contains 6-8 items, from travel size to full size. Products are 100% Cruelty-free & Vegan. Products include: healthy snacks, superfoods and clean beauty.

Here’s a closer look at the items I received in the April TokiBox…..

Sacred Space Spray by Soapy Layne

Handmade in Cali by Cassie. Made to order as well. Clear + refresh the air as you create your sacred space with crystal quartz, white sage hydrofoil, witch hazel and essential oils.

I actually really love the idea of this spray. I’m in the midst of Spring Cleaning and that means the entire house….floors, closets, cupboards – air and space included. I will use this in my office, bedroom and kitchen when I feel the air needs a little refresh. They also say to take it with you on the go in your car, office or travel.

Produce Bag by EcoBags

From NY and certified B Corp – Cleaning up the planet one bag at a time.

This is such an awesome product to receive in a subscription box. I kind of want to purchase 3 or 4 more, just to have a set. I hate using the little plastic produce bags when I go to the grocery store as I just end up throwing them away the minute I unpack the groceries. This little bag will get a lot of use.

Shower Steamer by LizushSoap

Handmade in cali! To use: place in the shower and let it do the rest. You may use the Shower Steamer as a body scrub or a foot scrub. Made with salts, minerals and essential oils.

I love shower steamers and I could smell this one as soon as I opened the box. It’s lavender scented which just happens to be one of my favorite scents. Steamers are a great addition to your shower routine. It’s kind of like a bath bomb, but for the shower. I love how the steam from the shower disperses the scent throughout.

Aztech Crunch Chocolate by Lulu’s Chocolate

Handmade by Lulu. An actual farm to bar item. Lulu orders direct from the farmers in S.America. 75% cacao with raw cacao nibs. Based on an ancient recipes: smooth dark chocolate cradles crunchy cacao nibs.

I have been going through a major chocolate phase as of late. I try to limit the amount I eat but sometimes a girl just needs some chocolate. But….when it comes to this bar specifically, I definitely won’t feel as bad eating it. It has low sugar content, it’s dairy free, and it’s sweetened with coconut sugar.

Clean Cookie Bites by Sun & Swell Foods

Back due to high demand! From our favorite team, Kate and Bryan in Cali. Warning – these are super addictive.

I have a feeling these little bites are going to be a new favorite. They only have 4 ingredients – dates, cashews, oats and cacao. I love snacks with a small ingredient list and I love that this particular snack is vegan, has no added sugars, no preservatives and 100% real food ingredients……just to name a few.

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cacao Crunch by Oats Overnight

The USA Olympic team’s go-to! Made with protein packed Pea Protein…..we expect these to be super popular.

Overnight oats are a genius invention. If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly recommend you do. It’s a quick and easy way to enjoy breakfast each morning because you prepare them in the evening, it’s super quick, and just pop them in the fridge. And…..what I love even more is that this particular oat blend is made with pea protein….one of my faves.

Calm Moon Drops by Moon Infusions

Made by Alexandra, these drop are green tea based and infused with selected botanicals.

This is one of the spoilers I saw for the April box and I was very intrigued. I haven’t received a product like this before so it required a little research. The drops are infused with botanicals scientifically known for their stress-reducing, mood-enhancing, and performance-boosting properties. Simply add 3 mls to an 8 oz glass of cool water and relax, naturally.

Here’s a peek at the ingredient list, I’m actually kind of loving it: Zembrin, Suntheanine, Organic Green Tea, Passionflower Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Vitamin C

TokiBox Review April 2019 – Final Thoughts

I have to say….I am very impressed with the April TokiBox. Now I remember why I loved this box so much the first time I received it. It has a great product mix and it focuses on vegan snacks + clean beauty brands. The April box introduced me to quite a few new products and brands. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I haven’t received any of these brands before. I love that we also received an environmentally friendly storage item (if that’s the right way to describe it). The produce bag rounds out the box nicely. At only $34.95 per month I think TokiBox just might be a new fave.





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