VanCity Box Review April 2017

VanCity Box is a Canadian lifestyle subscription box that sends their subscribers a box filled with fresh new finds from around Vancouver city. A craft fair and a farmer’s market in a box! They kindly sent us this box for review.

VanCity Box is a subscription we have been following for a while now. This is one of those boxes that is constantly striving to find their stride, and I actually kind of love that. I like to see a box that is constantly in motion, constantly working on improvements, and constantly trying to find the best offering for their customers. Yes, they have gone through some ups and downs, but I still have faith in this Canadian Subscription Box and think we will see great things from them this year. Plus…..the March box was a HUGE hit with Shonah.

Let’s see what they put together for us this month:

Greeting Card – FlowerInk

Oh my goodness!! Get a load of this:

FlowerInk seed paper is provided by Botanical Paperworks, located in Manitoba, Canada. The seed paper is made with post-consumer materials and embedded with seeds. That means it is eco-friendly and compostable. It contains 6 types of wild flower seeds native to North America:

  • Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, English Daisy, Catchfly, Snap Dragon

You can plant your seed paper in 4 easy steps. Remember, this is fun. You might not have a green thumb but that doesn’t mean you won’t get beautiful flowers blooming! 

  1. Gather all the necessary items to plant your card and cut your envelope.
  2. Cover your envelope with soil. The paper is compostable so don’t hesitate!
  3. Plant your card and cover it with about 5/8″ of soil.
  4. Water daily and watch your beautiful flowers bloom!

This adorable little card is made of seed paper!! This is the cutest idea ever!! I am blown away. At first I just thought they had sent us a fun little greeting card, but no, it is so much more than that. We are off to a great start!!

Greeting Card – Forest & Waves

This is a cute little card, but what’s more important is that I have discovered the Forest & Waves website. You MUST check it out – They have a lot of cute stuff!!

The Greeting Card That Grows – Gift A Green

The most delicious Microgreens on the planet! Maybe the universe too…Each pouch comes filled with 50-60 grams of our growing medium (soil) and a separate little package of microgreen seeds. Remember, there is no need to repot the seeds and soil… our pouch is the pot!

How fun is this!! Eeek! I am so excited about this little greeting card/indoor garden. Seriously, how did they come up with this idea? I need to know because it is so dang cute. I’m excited to plant the seeds and watch my greeting card grow. I sense a Spring/Garden theme going on here…..

Forest Lavender Soap – Forest Garden

Fine grain sea salt blended with a mixture of coconut oil and olive oils to create a firm cleansing bar that both exfoliates and moisturizes. Our products contain no artificial ingredients of any sort. 

I can’t stop smelling this soap. Oh my goodness, it is making me so darn happy right now. Is it weird that I want to keep it on my desk for the rest of the day, just to keep me grounded and relaxed? I LOVE that they included this little gem in the box. I am always happy to receive a lovely bar of quality handmade soap.

Stone Coaster – Em’Say Studio

Handmade hexagon coasters made out of raw concrete. The concrete has been sealed and the bottoms of the coasters is made of cork to keep your tables scratch free.

This is actually kind of perfect. I needed a coaster for my desk and now I have one. I didn’t want to just use a paper coasted, or a boring coaster, I wanted a sturdy one with personality. I sit at my desk all day, every day, and I always have a cup of coffee or tea beside me. This coaster is going to be my new best friend.

Wakeup Your Face Spray – WiffCraft

Clear your head and get refreshed with this cooling, energizing spray. This is our flagship product that started the company. Many faces have been awakened!

Essential Oil Highlights

Spearmint – fresh, sweet and used for an uplifting effect
Eucalyptus – cooling, cleansing and great for the respiratory system
Lavender – balancing, healing and can reduce emotional tension
Lemon – bright, fresh and helps to clear the mind

Now this is my kind of product. Lately I have been more than obsessed with essentials oils, especially mint and lavender. I have mint oil in my diffuser as we speak and a lavender roll-on oil beside me. This spray sounds absolutely amazing. You simply close your eyes, spritz the air around your head and inhale all the wonderful essential oil smells. I love it already.

VanCity Box Review April 2017 – Final Thoughts

Wow, I am so impressed with this month’s VanCity Box. It’s one of those boxes that surprises you. At first glance it looks fun, but once you get into the details it turns out to be AH-Mazing!! They found some really great products for this month’s box. I am so happy to have discovered all of them. And, in addition to the fact that the products are super fun, they are also very appropriate for Spring. There’s a theme to the box and I didn’t even know it. I’m tempted to say this is my favourite VanCity Box thus far. This is what I want to see from this box going forward. I knew they had it in them!!





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  1. Vancity Box says:

    Hey Sarah! So happy you enjoyed this box because we had a ton of fun curating it. We hope you’re a fan of what we have planned going forward – lots more goodies from local vendors to come.

    Thanks again for all your continued support of what we do here in helping Vancouver shop local! <3

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