Yogi Surprise Review November 2018

Yogi Surprise is a monthly care package designed to stimulate your senses, clear your mind and cleanse your soul. Whether you’re a wellness enthusiast or the seasoned yoga master, Yogi Surprise is the perfect complement to your healthy lifestyle. Every month you’ll receive products with a mission to elevate your yoga practice on and off the mat. They kindly sent us this box for review.

November Box Details

We’re saying Thank You for the light you bring to this world. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude with this month’s handpicked offerings.

The November Yogi Box is fittingly themed around gratitude. And although gratitude is good to practice year-round, the month of November brings the start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving and extra reminder to practice gratitude. If you need additional ways to amp up your gratitude practice and keep it going after the holidays are long gone, the items in this month’s box should help!

Here’s a look at what was in this month’s box (total value $102):

Daily Gratitude Journal by Carrie Elle

Live each day with a grateful heart. Take time to write in your daily gratitude journal, and record intentions, positive affirmations and what you’re grateful for.

A gratitude practice is a great way to help keep your mindset positive and make you feel more grounded. It’s one thing to speak your gratitude, but it’s another to actually put your gratefulness in writing. There’s something about putting pen to paper that makes it feel more solid and turns your gratitude from thoughts to intentions. This journal is so easy to use with a separate page for each new day that allows space for gratitude, intentions and positive affirmations or creativity.

Comfort Essential Oil by Bombay & Cedar

Relax and ease away tension with this comforting blend of all natural lavender, peppermint, wintergreen, frankincense, marjoram and Spanish rosemary essential oils.

This essential oil smells SO good. And the name is so fitting, it’s definitely a comforting scent. The first note that I pick up is the peppermint or wintergreen so it’s calming vibe comes first in a cooling form, which is good for easing those frazzled nerves. It’s paired with a bit of floral aroma from the lavender and then the herbal smelling oils give it a hint of grounding scent too. It would be a great oil to use in a diffuser, especially for use while you’re doing your gratitude practice.

Citrus Eucalyptus Yoga Mat Cleaner by Majestic Ginger Apothecary

Care for your mat with this organic disinfecting cleaner made with eucalyptus, grapefruit and lime essential oils in a witch hazel base. Also safe on your skin and around your body for an uplifting aroma.

Another great smelling product! This one however takes on a brighter tone from the citrus oils of grapefruit and lime that are used along with eucalyptus and lemongrass. I think it would not only make a great mat spray for after a yoga practice but might be nice to do a quick mat clean beforehand to uplift your senses while practicing. Citrus scents often help increase positivity so this would be helpful in enhancing your gratitude practice as well.

Headband by Treadband

The soft moisture wicking adjustable headband is perfect for all your yoga practices, including hot yoga.

This headband is so cute! I love the color and the knotted detail at the top. I also think the idea of having a non-slip band is a smart addition because headbands that just slip off your head aren’t very useful at keeping your hair back. For reference the non-slip band is at the back of band, or the base of the head when wearing. I’ve been wearing it a bit to test the non-slip abilities and from light wear it seems to hold pretty well. I can’t say how well it would stay during high activity, but it seems promising. The only downside I can say about the non-slip band is that on the headband I received it was peeling up a bit on one end so I don’t know about the long term durability of it. But because the headband itself is so cute I am going to look into purchasing more anyways and hope that this one is just a fluke!

Calm Whipped Butter by Butter Depot

Moisturize and nourish your skin with this all natural vegan handmade body butter. Ingredients: pumpkin seed butter, mango butter, organic shea butter, kokum butter, avocado oil, fragrance & essential oil blend.

This calming body butter is made with some seriously nourishing oils and butters for ultimate skin hydration. Although it’s rich and thick, it does absorb into skin quickly and doesn’t leave much of a greasy residue. I would say this is medium to heavily scented, but it does smell good and the scent is definitely calming. My guess is that there is a bit of peppermint and then some kind of floral on top that also smells a bit nutty (perhaps from the butters)? It doesn’t say exactly what it’s scented with, only that it’s a combination of essential oils and fragrance. I have to be honest that I usually avoid anything that doesn’t specify what the source of the fragrance is so I’m not sure how much I’ll use this product.

Bonus Gift: Healing Amethyst Hoop Earrings

Experience the healing energy of amethyst beads on this set of gold colored hoop earrings. If hoop earrings aren’t for you, we encourage you to share your gratitude for others and gift them to someone in your community.

I’m actually not a hoop earring wearer myself so perhaps I will take their suggestion on this bonus item and share my gratitude by gifting these to someone else. I do really like the simplicity of these earrings and think they are really pretty though.

Yogi Surprise Review November 2018 – Final Thoughts

I love the gratitude theme of this month’s Yogi Surprise box and how all the items can enhance or help build up a gratitude practice. Obviously you don’t need more things to help you jot down what you’re grateful for but it can be nice to make it feel more like a special ritual with a calming scent or a yoga practice added in conjunction with it. And when something feels like a ritual it creates a positive mindset that allows it to become more of a habit which is essential to be able to reap the benefits of practicing gratitude. Overall I’m grateful 🙂 for this month’s contents and can’t wait to use them all!

The Botanic Gal – http://www.botanicgal.com

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