ZenPop Stationery Pack Review January 2019

The ZenPop Stationery Pack is a stationery subscription box filled to the brim with cute items and tools sourced directly from Japan! Each month you’ll receive 10 items ranging from pens and pencils, paper products, stickers, and many other cute accessories. ZenPop kindly sent the January Box over for review.

Box Details: Receive 10 cute stationery items ranging from paper products like notepads and cards, pens and pencils, washi tape and stickers, and many other accessories! ZenPop curates each box with high quality items and a fun monthly theme. Plus, all the items are sourced straight from Japan!

ZenPop Stationery Pack Subscriptions:

  • One Time Purchase: $29.50
  • 3 Months Prepaid Subscription: $84 ($28 per box)
  • 6 Months Prepaid Subscription: $165 ($27.50 per box)

Shipping: Free Worldwide Delivery

Here’s a look at January’s theme and the items I received this month….

January’s Theme – Pastel Magic Pack

The theme this month is Pastel Magic Pack! This might be my favorite theme yet since I love anything in pastel hues. The items this month will definitely transport you to a more magical place. You’ll see items with pretty pastel hues, sparkly fun prints, magical and dreamy themed tools and so much more.

Included in every box is a flyer that gives you in-depth details of each featured item and how to use them.

Sanrio Little Twin Stars Scented Double Highlighters (Top)

This double-ended highlighter features the adorable Little Twin Stars duo and pretty pastel hues of pink and purple. One side is a light purple highlighter and the other end is a fluorescent pink. The best part about this is that it smells delicious! The pink end smells like maple pancakes while the purple has a fruity blueberry scent.

Sakura Deco Cute Metallic Photo Marker (Middle)

The Deco Cute Metallic Photo Marker is the perfect tool to use to decorate photos and most surfaces. I use this to write captions and dates on all of my polaroids and it doesn’t smear or smudge! It has a pretty metallic pink ink.

COLOREE Mechanical Pencil (Bottom)

Mechanical pencils are the only kind of pencils I tend to reach for at work, so this one is sure to brighten up my desk. It has a clear outer shell with a gorgeous lavender inner body and a matching purple eraser. The eraser has a unique hexagonal shape that makes it easy to clean up edges. You can adjust the length of the eraser by simply twisting at the top. It uses 0.5mm lead and has a slightly textured grip that makes this pencil really comfortable and nice to use.

Photo Decoration Cards

These photo decoration cards are perfect for decorating square photos and hanging them up or placing them into a photo album. The pack comes with 8 different frame designs, with 4 message frames and 4 design frames. I actually don’t have a lot of printed photos, but this will motivate me to actually print out my digital photos to film!

Collection Notebook

One of my favorite items this month was this collection notebook. It contains 20 blank white pages, so that you can jot down your thoughts, doodle, decorate, or anything you’d like! There are two different designs that you could receive: chima kuma (bears and ice cream) or koneko cafe (kittens and coffee). Both designs are so kawaii that it’s almost too cute to use! I received the kittens and coffee version which features a soft puff cover in glittery pink with gold lettering. The cover is full of adorable kittens lounging around in drinks and desserts!

Dreamy Cats Clear File – A6

This miniature plastic file features a dreamy and mystical design with cats, fish, clouds, and the moon. It’s the perfect size to hold important receipts or small notes with you!

Sanrio Correction Tape

This month’s stationery tool is a handheld correction tape featuring a sparkly and glittery Sanrio character. This is a variant item, but I received the My Melody design, which is an adorable white bunny. It features a clear hot pink back, a finger grip on the top, and a small cover for the correction tape that you can flip open when you’re ready to use. It fits perfectly in my hand and is another cute new addition to my office!

Sailor Moon Washi Tape

I used to be a die-hard Sailor Moon fan when her cartoons would air on TV during my childhood days. This is another variant item where you could receive one of two designs. I got the dark navy blue washi tape featuring Sailor Moon in many of her iconic poses and costumes.

Magic Universe Stickers (Left)

The Magical Universe Stickers feature many cosmology inspired motifs in pretty pastel hues. There’s astronomical designs like moons and planets as well as precious stones. Some of the stickers even feature gold foiled accents!

Sparkle Poo Stickers (Right)

The Sparkle Poo Stickers are probably the most fun stickers I’ve ever owned! These come in 10 different designs, plus one HUGE sparkly rainbow poo. The stickers also contain a faint fruity peach scent. These are so cute and I can’t wait to use them!

ZenPop Stationery Pack January Review – Final Thoughts

This month’s ZenPop Stationery Pack was a hit! I’m a huge fan of pastels and anything magic/fantasy-themed, so this month’s theme was right up my alley. It’s very rare, but I loved nearly everything in this month’s box. ZenPop did a fantastic job including a nice variety of items from writing utensils, notebooks, stickers, folders, washi tape, and many other stationary must-haves. Plus, everything was so kawaii this month that these little additions to my office makes it feel more lively.

It’s hard to pick my favorites this month, but I don’t think I could live without the Collection Notebook, Sanrio Correction Tape and Sanrio Scented Highlighter, and the Sparkle Poo Stickers!

Mary Vu – http://thepointofvu.blogspot.com




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