BohoBabe Box Spoilers September 2018

Whether you’re an aspiring BohoBabe or already live by your “own set of rules,” the BohoBabe Box is the perfect complement to your daily bohemian lifestyle. It’s Monthly Bohemian Joy designed to stimulate your senses, promote positivity, health, & happiness, and of course, your free-spirited mindset!

Here’s a peek at a couple of the items subscribers will find in the September box…..

September ZenBabe Box SPOILER #1!!!

A 7-Week Radial Self Love Course with Guided Meditations and Art Journaling Prompts + 1 on 1 session with @CarinaNickerson – a WONDERFUL Embodied Mindfulness Coach! Value $97!!

“You are beautiful. Radiant. You have a wisdom within you that is always directing you toward your deepest joy, satisfaction, and purpose in life.”

But it’s easy to forget. We all pretty much have a negative Nellie inside our head. If we’re not mindful, we start to think she actually knows what she’s talking about. This does a number on our self-worth and confidence since her (or his!) main objective is to keep us small and feeling bad about ourselves.

I know a lot about this, considering there was a time in my life when people pleasing and anxiety reigned over my confidence, value and self-worth. I never felt like enough and was plagued by self-doubt.

So what did I do? That’s what this 7 week mini course is all about!

The course includes 7 Guided Meditations and Art Journal Prompts (don’t worry if you can’t draw a stick figure. You can do this!) The weekly lessons are delivered straight to your inbox. Along with the weekly lessons, you’ll receive a 30 minute coaching session with Carina, the creator of the 7 Week Self Love Course.”

Spoiler #2!

Turkish Yoga Towel by NJOY Republic – Value $19.99

100% Premium Turkish Cotton, Made in Turkey

A peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel originally used in a hammam, or “Turkish Bathhouse”. The peshtemal absorbs water as fast as a traditional towel and dries even quicker! It takes up less space and is ideal for the gym, beach, spa, and shower. The fabric is made of 100% premium cotton, handcrafted off the coast of the Aegean Sea.

What You Get: The Mini BohoBabe Box will contain 2-3 items. The Signature BohoBabe Box will contain 4-6 items.

  • Boxes may include anything from Jewelry, Accessories, Scarves, Home Decor, Clothing, Kimonos, Tea/Snacks, Perfume/Aromatherapy, Candles, Incense & More!
  • Each month has a different theme and with that, there will always be a NEW Positive and Uplifting message included on the inside of the lid.
  • Philanthropy. BohoBabe’s goal is to spread positivity and GIVE BACK to the world through donating 1% to the charity of your choice!





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