Emma & Chloe Spoiler May 2017

Emma & Chloe Spoiler May 2017

Emma & Chloe brings you handmade jewelry designs from France’s top and up-and-coming artists for only $35 per month. Join their jewelry lovers community of more than 15,000 members!

May’s Featured Designer is 4 Crosses  by Sophie Vallois Gouard:

A true aesthete, she is a lover of creativity in different mediums ranging from painting, poetry and music to classical dance. A keen eye for the environment around her, she draws inspiration from people and places, using each subject as a muse for her designs.

Included in the May box is:

Elsa Earrings ($69)

These elegant, minimalist earrings hang from the front to the back of the ear. Made of golden brass or dip-coated in a silver bath it comes in two colors, a sea bamboo coral or red quartzite.

Choose between the following colors:

Box Details:  Emma & Chloe brings you the best in French designer jewelry from a new, up-and-coming designer every month. Each handmade piece ($50 to $200 value) comes in a protective pouch with a certificate of authenticity plus a fashion guide full of inspiration. Start accessorizing with fine, French jewelry you won’t find anywhere else in the US.

Thoughts: I am partial to the coral color but both earrings are elegant and would be the perfect accessory for a sundress! Now all we need is the sun!

Question: What do you think of the May Spoiler?


Emma & Chloe

Emma & Chloe is a subscription box service sending a unique piece of French designer jewelry each month!

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One comment on “Emma & Chloe Spoiler May 2017

  1. Davida says:

    I received the earrings, and they’re lovely, except for that ugly plastic bead. I don’t know what they were thinking. I’m going to remove the bead and wear them without it.

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