Fit Snack Spoiler July 2017

Fit Snack provides a monthly subscription experience of full size healthy snacks, fitness programs and tips to support your healthy life.

Here is a peek at an item in the July box!

K.R.A.C.N.O.L.A Gourmet Klusters – Gourmet, handcrafted, small batch, paleo friendly granola created by a determined daughter passionate about helping her borderline diabetic mother. Nanette’s K.R.A.C.N.O.L.A is a morning tastebud experience you have to try! One bite and you’re hooked!

Box Details: 7 to 10 Deluxe and Sample Size Snacks, Monthly Workout, Bonus Items, Complementary Workout playlist.

Thoughts: I can almost taste the granola! One of my favorite breakfasts is yogurt, fruit and granola so this spoiler is a welcome surprise!

Question: What do you think of the July Spoiler?





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