SpiceBreeze June 2018 Sneak Peak

Dream away to a beach restaurant on the Seychelles islands. Cook a popular dish from the 115 tropical islands in the Indian Ocean with the SpiceBreeze June Box.

With SpiceBreeze, you can choose which recipes you prefer. SpiceBreeze is the only spice subscription box that offers a monthly menu selection. This option is available for the Quad box size. From the four recipe spice kits that you receive each month, two recipe spice kits can be selected from a monthly list and the other two come with plenty of variations.

The May box was our 2nd-anniversary box. We started SpiceBreeze with the vision that everybody can cook popular meals from around the world out of its home kitchen. Now, two years later, we are proud that we introduced almost 100 delicious dishes from more than 40 countries to SpiceBreeze subscribers.

Make your gift stand out! Our Father’s Day Gift Box is now available. Your first SpiceBreeze box comes in a nice wrapping as a special gift box for Father’s Day. You can select the shipping date and one of these options: Welcome Box, BBQ Box, and June Box

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